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Introduction to SONICOM 2000 system




Multifunctional system SONICOM 2000 with standard software allows speaking, hearing, conferencing, searching, informing, public addressing, signalisation, alarming, emergency calls, locating, remote control, guarding, etc.


System characteristics

 Fully electronic system without central unit, microprocessor controlled
 Multifunctional modular system
 Simple parallel cabling (Bus-cable) with symmetric pairs of signals, which protects against disturbances
 Simple usage
 Expandable up to 9000 stations
 Resistant against wiretapping
 Power supply with standby accumulators to bridge power failures


Standard functions included

-free programming of station's number (fix number on request)
-high sound quality, continuously variable volume
-possibility of multiple simultaneous conversations
-possibility of everyone calling anybody else (restriction on demand)
-hands free answering from distance up to 20m from station
-optical signalisation of speech direction, as well as optical and acoustical signalisation of busy station
-blocking of incoming calls by private key
-possibility of leaving up to 10 call-back requests in any station with displaying numbers, presence of call-back request signalised optically and acoustically by alert tone
-leaving information on display (for instance cause of absence and time of return)
- remote saving information on display
-repeating of call by one key
-free programmable number for short form dialling
-group calls and collective calls with automated answer for searching of persons, general calls
-conference calls for any number of free determined participants
-entry supervision
-remote control of different equipments (door locks, video switches, etc.)
-follow-me, redirecting of calls, control hand over
-acoustic supervising of rooms
-possibility of connecting any detectors
- interfaces to PC, telephone net, video systems, recording systems, transmitters, etc.