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Welcome to the world of SONICOM 2000   SONICOM 2000 at a glance


The multi-functional modular SONICOM 2000 system enables you to speak and to listen, hold conference calls, search for and actually find people; it allows visual messages, paging, public address, background music, alarm calls, remote control, monitoring, alerting and locating of employees and events. All of these facilities are included in our standard software.

With SONICOM 2000 no central switchboard is required since the intelligence is built into each user station. This means that installation is straightforward, with no need for costly cabling from each station to the central point.

Do you have communication problems? A limited budget? Then start off with two stations and a small power supply unit. Then you can extend it as much as You want, whenever you want. Simply connect the new user station to an adjacent station with a few meters of thin cable to integrate it into the system. Please refer to diagrams on following pages for more information and to find out what you need. We will gladly help you.

Although the stations are all connected in parallel on the same cable, anyone can speak to anyone else separately. Group calls and conference calls are also possible. The called station does not have to be answered manually. The call can be answered clearly, hands free, from a distance of up to 20 m in quiet surroundings, avoiding the need to interrupt one's work. A connection is easily achieved even with background noise.

The caller's number is displayed on the station being called. If a detector is triggered at night, for example, the relevant number appears on the display at the control station, immediately showing the source of the alarm. Any microphones or video cameras are automatically activated if connected.

multi-functional modular system

intelligent intercom

no central switchboard required

parallel bus connection for easy installation

nurse-call system

solution for complex demands in hospitals, social care foundations, retirement homes, mental hospitals, prisons

several simultaneous conversations possible

collective and group calls with automatic answering

conference facility for any number of participants

excellent sound quality

ultra-sensitive microphone

LCD display

free programmable call numbers

call-back memory

industrial stations IP65, switches, relay units

can be used with a range of detectors

coded locking, interfaces, modems

 There are seven advantages of the SONICOM 2000 System to highlight:
1.High quality of sound.
High sensitivity of the microphone, which allows hands free answering from a distance of up to 20m from each terminal. Therefore in a hospital we do not need a terminal for each patient, but only one for every room. Each patient gets only a call button, which can be easily cleaned or exchanged after they leave the hospital.
3.High resistance against electrical interference, because of balanced lines.
High safety against sabotage, because of distributed intelligence. Systems with central intelligence can be easily sabotaged. For instance the first Iraq war was finished after some cruise missiles broke the thick concrete shield and destroyed the central communication and control system in Baghdad.
Huge saving of installation costs. If you have a central controlled system, you must add the installation costs of the cable between terminals and the central point. For example if there is a very large power station site of four square kilometers area, 200 terminals and a central controlled system is used, each terminal needs on average a 1 km long cable to be connected to the central point. The total demand of cable will be about 200 km. By using the SONICOM 2000 system it reduces to only 16 km.
Small initial costs because no control exchange is required. The user can start with only two terminals and can expand step by step up to 9000.
High reliability of the SONICOM 2000 system, which was developed and produced in Switzerland. Until today we have sold more than 1'800 systems.